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 To Coach Aspiring Leaders To Achieve Life Mastery Through Personal & Professional Development.

our story


After almost 10 years of working together and a 16-year friendship, Eric and Lloyd decided it was time to start a venture together.  With their shared passion for personal growth and development of servant leaders, they decided on a personal development organization that challenged people to take control of their lives. 

Eric and Lloyd knew they found something they were not only passionate about, but were equally excited to share with the world! The programs we are creating incorporate all the lessons they acquired through more than 50 years of combined leadership and entrepreneurial experience. This lead to recruiting a few accomplished young professionals, Joe and Shane, and thus Life Mastery Programs was born.

Our Vision:

Empower passionate individuals to leave an impactful legacy through mastering life.

Our Team




Eric has found a great deal of success in his career, first in the military and a career as a champion kickboxer and martial arts instructor.  Eric then went on to spend 22 years in the wireless industry as a Sales Leader and Executive, as well as owning and operating over a dozen small businesses during the last 30 years.  

In that time, Eric won numerous awards for individual performance, but much of his success came when he was elevated to managing teams.  Eric's leveraged his passion for personal development by investing much of his time developing his teams to achieve success through thier own devleopment.  The coaching and development he provided to his teams led to a number of accolades and recognition for performance, both for himself and his teams.

This led to Eric fulfilling his passion of becoming a certified coach in the Success Principles by the Jack Canfield Organization. Most importantly, he had gathered countless employees who attributed their success to the coaching and training provided by Eric over the years.  This was the confirmation Eric needed to begin his quest to touch a million people with his brand of coaching.


Lloyd Dill - VP Operations


Lloyd has 25 years of entrepreneurial experience having launched over half a dozen companies on three continents.  He has extensive experience in France, China and the United States.  He has had over 15 years of Executive Level leadership throughout multiple industries with an emphasis on live distance learning, learning management systems, collaboration software and retail sales management solutions.  With a strong focus on benchmarking and goal alignment, he has helped multiple companies and individuals redefine what’s possible to achieve new levels of performance.  

Lloyd shares a passion for personal development and professional growth. He recognizes that employees thrive when they are challenged to achieve their best and he finds the greatest satisfaciton in helping people he works with find their path to success. 


Joe Smith - Director of Sales


Joe has an undeniable passion for personal development. Using this skill and following his passion, he has trained and developed failing teams into becoming peak performers while setting record sales numbers. He also firmly believes there is no growth in your career, relationships, or within yourself without a strong focus on personal development. 


Joe strives to discover what it is that drives each individual. He then coaches his clients to harnesses that power and leverage it to help them achieve their goals. His mission with LIFE Mastery Programs is to help coach each client he has the pleasure of working with to succeed in all areas of life, finding balance and Mastering life.


Shane Grimes - Marketing Manager

Shane is passionate about coaching anyone who has the desire to improve themselves. Shane devotes his time and focus into mentoring not only our team, but also close friends and family to set goals and achieve what they really want out of life. He has started multiple business ventures that has given him the experience and capability to guide others on their own journey. With the help of his link-minded business partners, and the support of his family and friends, he has put himself into a position to change the world, one person at a time.

Shane aspires to perfect the craft of leveraging personal development to mentor our team to become the best versions of themselves. His mission in leadership is to mentor each individual to their maximum potential. There is nothing in the world that fills his heart more than knowing he helped someone else manifest the life of their dreams!g about your business here.